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Budget Shopping

I love clothes. Mostly shoes. I think that’s fairly obvious to anyone who reads this blog. The problem is that I also like to eat. And pay rent and things like that.

My obsession with trendy styles has the potential to become a horrible habit… fortunately, I also have this insane ability to find things {really, really cute things} on the cheap! And since I know I’m not the only one out there who loves dressing on trend while still being able to afford 3 meals a day, here are a few of the shopping tips I’ve learned along the way.

1.    Save Money on Socks and Underwear!

I don’t know if you know this, but there are socks out there that cost $30 a pair! Which, unless you’re Mr. Moneybags, is completely unnecessary. Go to TJ Maxx or Ross and get a giant bag of basic cotton socks.  They also have a “home” section with huge candles for less than $5. I’m just sayin.

2.    Don’t Skimp on Laundry Detergent

Paying a few extra bucks for a better detergent can prolong the life of your clothes! If you’re going to wash delicates at home, always use a detergent specifically designed for delicates.  I always wash my clothes on cold and hang dry basically everything! Warm water and the heat in the dryer {even on the “Air Dry” setting} can cause the fibers in your clothes to tighten {aka, shrink} and the colors to fade {aka, your cute black skinny jeans are now your charcoal grey skinny jeans}.

3.    Plan Ahead for Basics

There are a few things that you should definitely consider paying full price for, because you can wear them for years! A good winter coat, nice boots, basic black and navy blazers… however, if you plan ahead, you can get all of these things on sale! For example, 2 years ago I planned ahead for Black Friday and had my eye on a grey, soft wool, Andrew Marc pea coat and a navy blazer from Express {which had I purchased both pieces a week earlier, I would have been set back quite a few pretty pennies}. BUT on Black Friday I got half off. Boom.

4.    Sign Up for Email Lists

I know, I know, email lists are probably the most annoying things since door-to-door sales people. But I’m telling you, it’s worth it. Create a new email account so you don’t clog up your regular inbox, and sign up for the emails at all of your favorite stores. White House Black Market will send out coupons for 50% off your total purchase! Nordstrom will send a reminder email for upcoming sales! Just do it.

5.    Check the Sales Rack Often

You know those trips you take to the mall when you’re on a mission for one specific thing and don’t want to get side tracked? Well, it’s time to start side tracking. Items get marked down weekly, and other shoppers return things daily! You never know what could be calling to you from the sale rack.

6.    Get Your Trends Cheaper

Instead of getting the newest trend from the Savvy section at Nordstrom, go to places like H&M, RiverIsland.com, or UrbanOG.com. You can find similar pieces for MUCH less!

7.    Save For Sprees

Create a second (or third…) savings account and add a small portion of each paycheck. The next time you need a new pair of jeans, or just feel like shopping, you’ll already have money saved up!

Good luck, and happy shopping!





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