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Launching YF-B

Fall… could there be a more perfect time to start a blog about fashion? I didn’t think so. With the legendary September Issue of Vogue coming out in just a few short weeks, and designers debuting their masterpieces after months of slaving over design desks, I’m proud to also be presenting my brain-child: Young Fabulous and Baroque.

As every young chicette-in-training knows, staying educated in current trends is simple; creating a wardrobe out of current trends on a college or entry-level salary, however, can sometimes prove to be too challenging. Well, challenge accepted – after all, you’re talking to a seasoned professional, here!

This blog is dedicated to the fashion addicts, and the DIY enthusiasts. To all the women out there who have ever eaten top-ramen for a month straight in order to afford a Diane Von Furstenberg tote, or chosen shoes over dinner, I understand. And now is the time to rise up and say, I WILL eat my cake and have my Jimmy Choo’s too!

Here is the place where you can find news to fuel your fashion craving, DIY’s to supplement your need to re-vamp your jewelry collection, and steals on look-a-likes that could fool Anna Wintour herself… or maybe just that cute guy at the bar. Nevertheless, this will be the perfect stepping stone to get you from last year’s drab to this year’s fab – without ruining your credit score.

Stay tuned dolls!



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