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Fashionably Caffeinated

Tuesday Morning

6:30 am – wake up and slip into an acceptable work outfit.

6:45 am – ESPRESSO MACHINE!! 4 shots of espresso, milk, vanilla, coffee tumbler with a flimsy lid (pick up on the foreshadowing??).

7:00 am – in my car, backing out of the driveway.

7:40 am – notice woman driving in traffic definitely shaving her legs! Slightly impressed, also find it weird. Realize I’m staring, and decide to focus on driving and drinking my delicious coffee.

8:00 am – arrive at work, excited to start the day sipping my delicious coffee when the previously mentioned flimsy lid leaks, resulting in delicious coffee all over me and the office floor. Bummer.

8:15 am – realize I should probably combine my two favorite things (coffee and fashion) into a blog post! Snap an Instagram pic, and the rest is completely Young (not so) Fabulous and (definitely) Baroque…


There are a few things I have learned over the years as it relates to drinking coffee, and still looking chic.

  1. Only use coffee tumblers with a snapping lid! The ones that don’t have a snap cover over the holes in the lid tend to cause the most problems, and are best if just avoided in general.
  2. Always carry an extra white ribbed tank or tee in your car as a back-up that will still look adorable with pretty much everything. My favorite is a white v-neck tee.
  3. Tide To-Go pens! I’m serious, these things are GENIOUS! Purchase a couple of them to keep in every hand bag, and you’ll never have to worry about coffee spots, or really any spots, ever.
  4. Carry your coffee and your cell phone in different hands. If they are both in your right hand, you get a text, and unthinkingly go to view the text, guess where your delicious coffee is going to end up?! NOT in the cup.
  5. Drink iced coffee in a Contigo water bottle instead! For the Nalgene impaired, I like using one with a straw 🙂

While there are other great caffeine alternatives that have a very low risk of being problematic, I’m too in love with my morning java to ever make the switch. So here’s to a future filled with coffee breaks in stilettos… cheers!



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