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NYE Chic!

It’s midnight; you and your girls are at a swanky spot downtown, you have a glass of champagne in one hand and your Smartphone in the other to make sure you are fully documenting your night as you ring in the New Year! You’re looking fly.

Unfortunately, tomorrow as you go through the pics you realize that “fly” was really more of a “flop” as your hair isn’t as coiffed as it was when you left for dinner and your red lip stain went from matte perfection to straight up mess

Don’t worry. Here are some chic trending up-do’s that will keep you looking fabulous from primp to midnight!

Simple (if you only have 5 minutes)

Topknot: tie an elastic band around your hair creating a super high ponytail at the crown of your head. Next, loosely wrap your hair around the elastic, pinning it down as you go. Spray on some hairspray and you’re ready to hit the town!

Low Pony: Pull your hair back into a low pony and secure at the base of the crown of your head. Pull a ½ inch section from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap around the elastic. Pin the ends down and sprits on hairspray for hold.

Less Simple (if you have more time, like 15 minutes)

Braided Topknot: tie an elastic band around your hair creating a super high ponytail at the crown of your head. Pull out a 1-inch section and hold aside. With the rest of your hair, wrap around the elastic creating a bun, pinning it down along the way. Braid the 1-inch section, and wrap it around the base of the bun, pinning it down. Sprits with hairspray.

This chic up-do from Lauren Conrad:

LC 1

Even Less Simple (if you have tons of time, or you simply rock at doing hair)

This awesome up-do that I’ve been dying to try!

updo 2

A modern take on the 1920’s flapper hairstyle, also courtesy of LC (click image for instructions)


Now that you’re coiffed, here are some tips to make sure your makeup lasts till dawn!

  1. First, make sure that your skin is exfoliated and hydrated! You should always exfoliate and wear moisturizer, but especially if you’re planning on wearing more makeup than usual.
  2. After you’ve exfoliated and cleansed your skin, prep your skin with a silicone-based moisturizing primer (this gives your makeup an even canvas, for a flawless finish) – I use Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer.
  3. Avoid using a heavy foundation – there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re wearing a ton of makeup! Plus, in a dimly lit club, you really won’t need it. Instead, apply concealer under the eyes, and to cover any blemishes. Maybelline Superstay 24HR Concealer won’t wear off, and still gives a natural finish. Also apply to your eyelids to help keep your eye makeup from migrating down your face.
  4. During the day I always opt for a cream blush, but for a night event, a matte powder blush will stay put longer and will also help alleviate shine.
  5. For a red lip that lasts all night ALWAYS start with lip liner! It may seem old school, but it works overtime to keep your lipstick from running while you chat up a potential New Year’s kiss. Follow up with a light application of lip stain, and finish with a gloss for a knockout look.

You never know what’s going to happen throughout the night – someone could spill their drink all over you, it could be snowing and your hair might get flat, you might start reminiscing with your girls and suddenly wish you had worn water proof mascara… here’s a list of items that you’re going to want to have with you throughout the night. And, even if you don’t use them, you’ll probably become besties with every girl you encounter in the ladies room.

  1. Mascara – a quick coat of mascara instantly freshens your face!
  2. Lipstick – stay looking bright all night with chic, glossy lips
  3. Bobby pins – to tame flyaway’s that pop up throughout the night
  4. Tampons – it can ruin your night if you’re not prepared.
  5. Tic Tacs – for right before midnight!
  6. Band aids – in case your new stilettos aren’t quite broken in yet.
  7. CASH! NYE is the busiest night out of the year! Don’t get stuck trying to close out your tab at the end of the night – pay with cash and you can leave whenever your party is ready. This can also keep you from overspending.

Now go out, look chic, and be fabulous.




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Push It to the Maxi

From Betsy Johnson to Roberto Cavalli, one of the hottest trends for summer is the Grecian inspired maxi skirt! My go-to maxi style is a high-waisted extra long silhouette, as this synchs the waste, and one of the best aspects of this floor length skirt is that it lengthens the body to give you that “legs for days” look. Legs for days and a tiny waste? Sign     me     up!! Unfortunately, if you’re at all like me, Betsy and Roberto are a bit out of the budget, but check out these fabulous options that will keep you rocking your street runway, and still eating three meals a day!

For some fashion eye candy, check out this high waisted maxi skirt by Hinge, that also happens to come in a shade of this season’s hottest color: Paprika! Pair it with sky-high wedges and jaws will drop. What’s even more exciting is that this little number is currently ON SALE at Shop.Nordstrom.com. As always, click the photo to head there.


Hinge at Nordstrom

For a less expensive option, try this maxi from Forever 21 in light blue. Pair it with some strappy sandals for a cute hippy-chic look.


Forever 21

Nervous about going floor length? Go for a hi-low style to ease your way in.  One of my fav’s for the season is this Sanctuary number in “Minty”, which is ALSO on sale at Shop.Nordstrom.com! Pair with funky heels for a night on the town, or keep is casual with Grecian sandals – either way, be ready for some envious stares.


Sanctuary at Nordstrom

For a less expensive, but completely fabulous option, check out this abstract hi-low option from Forever 21. Make a bold statement by adding a bright shoe, or for a less-is-more look, stick to a black heal or flat.


Abstract at Forever21

With these looks, you’ll be set for a chic summer filled with BBQs, rooftop patios, date nights, and girls nights, all while looking young and fabulous.



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