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The Great Shoe Resurrection, a DIY

As I was cleaning out my shoe collection (as part of my Purge Before the Splurge), I found a pair of simple yellow pumps that I’d purchased at the beginning of the summer. They’re cute, but they were nothing special so I put them in the “donate” pile. It wasn’t until I was packing up my donation boxes that it hit me – I could resurrect my cute yellow pumps into something totally this season. And so began the process of me trying to create a cap toe on my bright yellow pumps.

Attempt 1:

Up on the top shelf of my bathroom closet I keep things that are rarely used – ace bandages, my sewing kit (let’s just get this out of the way… I LOVE to DIY – I HATE to sew.), a humidifier, like 50 replacement light bulbs, an old shower caddy… you know, typical house hold items. Among these things is a basket with shoe polish in every single color. I had my heart set on a cream cap toe, and was so excited when I found a cream colored shoe polish hidden away in my bathroom closet! So, I taped off the area that I wanted the cap to end, and started to dab on the shoe polish. It didn’t work. Now that I think about it, it’s meant to polish shoes, not paint over the scuffs, so I’m not sure why I thought shoe polish would work in the first place. I digress. So I went on to plan #2.

Attempt 2:

I figured fabric paint was the way to go, so I went to Michael’s and spent way too long perusing the aisles before I finally came to the paint section. As I was looking for fabric paint, I found the Martha Stewart section and realized I needed to look no further. In case you were wondering, I think Martha’s pretty great. I also found a small bottle of her MULTI-SURFACE acrylic craft paint – and it was 50% off. I found a winner. After going through the steps, and giving it 2 coats, it worked. And I love them again. So please, if you have a pair of pumps that you’re considering getting rid of, consider giving them new life in your shoe closet, even if only for one season.

What you’ll need:

A pair of shoes (heels or flats)

Scotch tape

Fabric paint – I used Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint with a pearl finish.

Foam applicators – I used Martha Sewart Foam Pouncers

Start with your shoes, clean and dry.

Tape of the section that you’d like to add a cap toe.

Apply two coats of the fabric paint with the foam applicator, allowing to dry between coats. Once the final layer is dry, carefully remove the tape to reveal a new pair of shoes!

If you want to try something on trend for Fall, go for a metallic gold or silver! Let me know how yours turn out!




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