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One Foot In Front Of The Other

I used to be an avid runner. I was that girl who’d lace up and get out there in the middle of January – not because I was super into being fit, but because I needed running to release stress. And then a few years ago, I stopped. No real injuries, no real reason, I just lost the drive to get out there. And for any of you who’ve stopped a fitness regimen, you know the toll it can take on your body! Obviously there are the physical signs, like weight gain, but there are so many more mental factors like being tired all the time and just feeling down. It was a pretty miserable time in my life, not going to lie!

And then I started dating an amazing man who helped me re-ignite my passion for fitness! He’d encourage me to come to the gym with him, to do mini workouts at home… he even started doing yoga with me! It’s been over a year since I got back into the fitness swing, and it feels great. Another great invention that has helped me get back on track is Pinterest. Thank God for Pinterest! It’s like the mecca for finding amazing healthy recipes and new workouts!

Over the past year I’ve found a new passion in weight lifting (thanks to the boyfriend!). I’ll admit, I was extremely hesitant at first because I didn’t want to gain a bunch of bulky muscle – it’s just not my thing. However, he convinced me to give weight lifting a one-month trial, and if I didn’t like the results, I’d never have to lift another weight ever again. So, I agreed. And one month later I LOVED the results! Was I completely toned? No! Actually, I thought I looked pretty much the same in clothes, but I could definitely tell that my body was getting tighter, and I was on my way to having an amazing (and not at all bulky) figure.

Throughout this process, I’ve learned that when you first start lifting heavy, you still have a bunch of fat on top, underneath, and in between your muscles (which is great, because you’re muscles can use this fat to rebuild). So, if you’re trying to get that toned look, you have to rev up your cardio routine. And for me that meant to start running again! I’ve also been incorporating new cardio workouts, changing it up every week. Switching it up like this has helped my body to not get used to one specific cardio workout, and also helps keep me from getting bored! Win-Win!

If you’re at that point where you realize you need a change in your lifestyle, but are hesitant to get back out there or to start for the first time, all I can say is just do it! Give yourself that one-month trial and start making the change today. You know where you want to be, so start by putting one foot in front of the other, and get there!



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Resolutions Update

I can’t believe it’s already February!! I feel like NYE just happened. SO much has happened in the past few weeks, and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying 2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year!

For starters, my birthday… which turned out to be a birth month celebrated all through January – not going to complain ;); my wonderful friends got ENGAGED!! (see pic below of the adorable heart-shaped rock <3); boyfriend started his second semester of law school; and I’ve been back on the job search for the past few weeks. And then I remembered my New Year’s Resolutions. Ya… those have been pretty neglected. So, I’m going to brave the embarrassment and give my one (ish) month update which will hopefully be motivation to get back on track for February!

Nat Ring

PC: B. Bendinelli

  • Learn a new language ~ Rosetta Stone purchased! I haven’t installed it yet, but at least this is a step in the right direction.
  • Actually train for the Bolder Boulder 10K ~ Training, CHECK! Participating in the Bolder Boulder, not check. My beautiful cousin is getting MARRIED that weekend! So i figure that’s a valid excuse 🙂 (Friends in the area who know of another fun 10K, let me know!!)
  • Make a real dinner (mac n cheese doesn’t count) at least once a week ~ FAIL. Kinda… unless grilled cheese can be considered a real dinner, but in my mind it’s more of a lateral move from mac n cheese.
  • Stop making excuses and go to the gym at least 4 days per week ~ win. yes!
  • Find a join a bible study ~ in the works. It’s been on my heart lately that I need to put myself out there more. I’ll talk about this in another post later.
  • Make a DIY (probably from Pinterest, let’s be real) at least once a month! ~ I have SO many ideas and have no idea where to start!! I need to get more organized. STAT.
  • Climb a 14er this summer (mountain peeps, get at me!) ~ CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUMMER!!!

Clearly I have some work to do, but it’s not a lost cause! Make sure you’ve posted your resolutions in a place that you see everyday. 2013 can be an amazing year of transformation, we just have to stay motivated!

How are your NYE resolutions going?!



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Is Fashion a Feminist Issue?

“Fashion is one of the very few forms of expression in which women have more freedom than men. And I don’t think it’s an accident that it’s typically seen as shallow, trivial, and vain. It is the height of irony that women are valued for our looks, encouraged to make ourselves beautiful and ornamental… and are then derided as shallow and vain for doing so. And it’s a subtle but definite form of sexism to take one of the few forms of expression where women have more freedom, and treat it as a form of expression that’s inherently superficial and trivial. Like it or not, fashion and style are primarily a women’s art form. And I think it gets treated as trivial because women get treated as trivial.”

– Greta Christina

I know I’ve often felt that fashion is a shallow topic, and recently began to wonder why that was. Is it because it really is superficial or is it because society has told me over and over that there are greater things dedicate a passion to? I’m not sure I’ve really decided for myself yet, but its definitely an interesting idea to think about.

Stay chic.



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New Year’s Resolutions!


Every year I set awesome goals for my new year’s resolutions, and every year I’m awful at following through with them. And then at the end of the year I’m in the same place that I was a year ago when I first thought about setting the goals. This cycle is killing me!!

And in my rant about how I’m awful at following through with my awesome goals, I remembered a little thing I learned in my undergrad marketing education about how to set goals and actually achieve them – I know some of you already know what I’m talking about, and are probably groaning thinking about all of the hypothetical companies you gave exceptional advice to by helping them achieve their goals with this ground breaking technique! But for those of you that didn’t have this (or a similar acronym) pounded into your brain for 4 years, SMART goals are:

Specific – instead of saying, “I want to do better in my classes”, you could say, “I want to finish the year with no grade below a B”.

Measurable – a great goal could be, “I want to be more altruistic this year” but without having anything to measure, how do you know you’ve succeeded? Instead, your goal could be, “I want to find one organization to volunteer at once per week”.

Attainable – becoming more altruistic is wonderful. Obviously, but does your schedule REALLY allow you time to volunteer once a week? Making sure your goals are attainable is key; otherwise you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Relevant – make sure your goal is relevant to everything else you have going on, and the other goals you’re setting, otherwise you’ll likely end up having to give up one of your goals. For example, last year one of my goals was to land a career in marketing, and another goal was to travel a lot – wellllll I couldn’t realistically travel a lot while also trying to interview and keep an entry level job. They typically like you to be able to work 5 days a week fairly consistently. SO I had to give up the goal of traveling a lot, but was able to land a pretty awesome job! So while cooking your way through Italy is a wonderful goal, making pounds and pounds of pasta probably won’t help you lose weight or get toned. Choose wisely.

Timely – unless you give yourself a date to be done by, you’ll keep pushing the deadline back until the goal dissolves altogether (trust). And THAT is how you end up at the end of 2013 reviewing your list of things realizing that most of your goals are still up in the air… ouch!

Personally, I think we need to add another “A” to this list for Accountability! By telling your friends about your goals and asking for encouragement, you’ll have more people expecting you to accomplish them, and you will be even more motivated – they might even want to join in!

I’m going to post my goals here, and give an update every month and how they’re going. Post yours here too or email them to me at to get added to a motivational email list, and at the end of 2013 we can all get excited about the fact that we did something awesome!

So, here are mine:

  1. Learn a new language (either French or Italian) by the end of the year – does anyone know if Rosetta Stone works?? Hopefully yes, otherwise this goal will be edited.
  2. Actually train for the Bolder Boulder 10K and beat last year’s time of an hour and 35 minutes. Even if it means skipping the slip n slides along the way.
  3. Make a real dinner (mac n cheese doesn’t count) at least once a week.
  4. Stop making excuses and go to the gym at least 4 days per week!
  5. Find a join a bible study.
  6. Make a DIY (probably from Pinterest, let’s be real) at least once a month! If anyone out there would like to join in this monthly craft day, you are obviously welcome.
  7. Climb a 14er this summer (mountain peeps, get at me!)

I have other goals, but they’re all pretty lofty and I’m not sure how to break them down yet – for example, I want to buy a house (eventually…) and have practically zero savings. Or at least not nearly enough to even make a dent in a down payment. But I figure if I want to buy a house in 5 years I should probably start figuring out how to make it happen, right?! So my goal would be to save for a house. But I have no idea what that looks like. So goal #8 can be: Figure out how to save for a house, and other big person purchases.

To kick start this fantastic year of awesome goals, my first DIY will be to write out all of these goals and hang them on my wall as a reminder! So let’s add a “P” to the list for Publish… SMARTAP goals.

So, before you poor the bubbly and toast to a new year, make sure you sit down and create a list of goals you want to achieve, then find friends who can encourage you along the way! Together, we can make 2013 absolutely fabulous.



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New Directions

OK, YF-Bers… after taking a bit of a vacay from writing – a much needed time for introspection – I’ve decided to take YF-B in a new direction. While I absolutely love encasing myself in everything fashion, it can and has become a bit… surfacey. And while What Color is the New Black, and How To Effectively Wear Stripes are valid topics, my little blog is never going to reach the sublimity of those like The Man Repeller, FashionToast or Stylelist (if this is the first you’re hearing of these blogs, please Google them now. Your life will become better).

And on my sort of sabbatical from blogging, I had one of those “a-hah” moments where I realized that this whole time I’ve been trying so hard to write like them and become fashionably relevant when really I should have just been me. A girl who tries, fails often, dreams up new life goals weekly, and has insight into some pretty cool things (like fashion, beauty, health, love, and God).

I’d still like to be able to offer thoughts on upcoming trends and awesome DIY’s that don’t take a miracle to pull off… and I feel like I also have more that I can offer the cyber world. So, I would like to take this time to formally invite each of you to join me in going beyond the Brocade and deeper than DVF. To start figuring out what our lives should look like, setting goals, being healthy, not settling for average all while looking and feeling utterly fabulous. There’s no red or blue pill, no list you need to sign, just a simple “I’m in” will do.

If you have anything you’d like to know more about, ideas for what you’d like to see here on YF-B, or just general thoughts or comments, please feel free to shoot me an email at

Stay fabulous.



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The Real “It” Factor

It’s Monday night (or Tuesday morning?) and I just had a revelation about the “it” thing that everyone keeps talking about. You know, the “it” factor, the “it” girl on the scene. Well, I have some news for you – the REAL “it” isn’t about the latest handbag, or conveniently utilizing your summer favorites as your fall staple pieces. No, there has to be something more behind the real “it” factor – something that can never be “so last season”, or “only appropriate in your 20s”.  There HAS to be something that we’ve all been missing.

And then it hit me.

“It” isn’t about how you drape and accessorize for an outward appearance, or how well you recreate looks from your favorite runway shows. It’s about the words and the thoughts that you feed your soul. Not the words of the great philosophers or the thoughts that make us feel warm and fuzzy – I’m talking about REAL WORDS and REAL THOUGHTS that make us reconsider our life choices, and feel compassion for those that have wronged us, and feel joy even in the midst of the most trying situations.

“The good works that God had in mind when He thought of you were so glorious that He declared across the ages that you were His very own masterpiece. God has had His eye on you since the beginning of time to do something so extraordinary through your life that even angels would stand back in wonder and long to do what you were created to do!”

“So here’s what I want you to do. God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life – and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well adjusted to our culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix our attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what He wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.” – Romans 12:1-2

All this being said, I still completely support a solid Steve Madden purchase (I’d be crazy if I didn’t), and I’m going to continue to scour the outlets searching for the best deals on designer swag; however, it’s vitally important to remember that the real “it” factor lies in our Savior, and we are nothing without His love, grace, and strength.




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